Yappy No Year!

Happy New Year! Yeah, I am a tad too late and most of my friends in the office fraternity might even mention my affinity to the financial year much more than the real one… But anyway, a late wish is always a reminder that it is a new year and there are a good nine months for us to crib about these times!

These three months, I have heard a million different resolutions from people from far and close and how they have the grit and the sense of “responsibility” to adhere to it. I am proud to say, that most of them have enough courage to have even completed the resolution (yeah! A friend of mine resolved to lose exactly a kilo a month and surprisingly he has shed more than 12 already in the past three months.. By JOGGING! ) ..Me on the other hand, jotted down all the things I wouldn’t do throughout the year.  Some of them have got nothing to do with the year at all, but anyway, habit breaking should have SOME time frames 😉 …

So there go my top  ten NOT –TO- DO’s in this year…

10. NOT – try and quit procrastination

I have learnt that it is important to procrastinate because it reduces a lot of stress that we face in our day to day lives. How is what your question perhaps is… This can be portrayed with the help of an example and the conclusions that were derived from it.

My dear friend got married a year before and we met at a suburban restaurant to have a good evening. For him, I seemed to be the middle aged lady always keen to pay heed to  the cribs of his life. So, amidst his conversations of the usual how life changes post marriage, he gave me a startling revelation to the problem of wife nagging and subsequent guilt trips!  When faced with my (ever curious yet seemingly blank face :|), he blurted PROCRASTINATION. I asked him to reason, and this is how he portrayed his wonderful picture of wisdom.

Wife asks him to go get some groceries from a neighbouring mall.

ACTIVE MAN: Nods enthusiastically, takes wife along to the mall.  Little did he know what the  “normal” route to the superstore was..

What happened in turn of course was a huge loss of money and  “just a few extra” things to accommodate in the pigeon hole that they lived in.

Then came the golden condition.

PROCRASTINATIVE MAN: Seemed fairly simple! The man kept cribbing about how painful his week was and kept constantly apologising for not having spent time with his wife and that grocery was not a very good idea to spend “quality time”… So since the bare minimum would already run the weekend, why not cuddle up, make some love… have some coffee and take a “long” walk around the locality? A little nudge and a baby face worked in his favour (Yeah, the suckers that women are)… They spend the weekend within the confines of their pigeon hole.. Wife happy to be loved.. Him to be proud of how he fooled an otherwise wise lady.. The supermarket remains open on all days and that one of the weekdays, would be the most appropriate time to pick stuff up and that too while returning from work.  More brownie points for having remembered the list  of things to get.. More happiness! Voila!

The case left me wide eyed. I practiced it on my mom and it worked, leaving me to feel proud of my married friend and new wicked ideas to postpone things for later. 😉

Conclusion :  There are somethings that money cannot buy, for everything else.. there is Procrastination. (Conditions apply. Offer valid till good excuses exist 😛 )

9. NOT – try hard to slim down

Until last year, I was an avid believer of the fact that in order to woo people (male, female, bosses.. wait bosses cannot be people)  it was important to look attractive. That would mean a great body, ultra slim fits and some great makeup.. But then, once realisation struck, that no matter how good you look, there always would be someone more good looking to woo more people than you ..especially the ones you eye,  my outlook appalled me. So then, the new stratagem is to eat well and stay fit in whatever ways I can.. Even if it meant to attain a not so slim look.. Who cares about keeping people anyway.

Conclusion : From now on,  Start lying to yourself that you are comfortable in your skin.. Soon, the latter will turn THICK and you will become Happier 😉

8. NOT – reduce my thought time

Last year, I tried not to sweat the petty things.. Fair enough, it did give me a lot of scope to try new things  and seize opportunities that came my way.. But, it only made me commit some of the worst mistakes of my life..

So, I would not reduce my thought time anymore this year. Stimulus, perception, image formation, judgement and analysis of all of these, has always made me feel good.

Dont be too wary though, I wouldn’t judge you 🙂

Conclusion : From now on, Always think, look, deserve and then leap!

7. NOT – postponing travel any longer

One life. A huge world to see. Some money. Endless desires.

Conclusion : Wandering isn’t that bad either 😉

6. NOT – save up for a so called “better” future

Planning was neither an inherent nor an acquired character trait for someone as restless as me. In the past year and a half I managed to save enough to sustain my unemployment period (which is now ) ..So, short term achievable savings in addition to minimal credit, would be the mantra this year.  Do not smirk. Yeah ok. I will still splurge on that awesome handbag or that extremely good looking pair of shoes once in a while.

Conclusion: Short term savings. War. Yeah war. 😛

5. NOT – work for the heck of it

A tad unrealistic and the weakest of all my resolutions probably. But anything one wants to sustain oneself in does require the usual testing of waters and then the judgement of the threshold . I would work to learn this time round. Few tricks of being politically correct, how to please the boss and ofcourse, shutting my mouth up. Three habits of highly-placed-and-surprisingly-boring people. Ohh yeah. (And yeah, you still suck you “straw-smoker” ) 😛

Conclusion: Before : Work.Learn.Work. Saturate.Find a new job. Quit!

After    : Work. Learn. Work. Saturate. Be Diplomatic and Show Displeasure POLITELY. Work. Take that raise. Find a new job. Quit. Hell Yeah 🙂

4. NOT – stop Learning

There is so much to do in life! And all the years that went in work, went only in working and spending time with friends. There was so much that could have been done in the meanwhile.. I was jotting down all the things I could learn and the list ran into pages.. Therefore, one major resolution this year would be learn things that I wanted to learn, oh so very badly …And those would be to..

–          Learn and master portrait photography, Level 2.

–          Learn a new language (Spanish preferably, for communicating extra-ordinarily among the ordinary)

–          Dance some more (A new form probably? yeah.)

–          Write a diary full of happy memories [Yes, lots of them already in it, thanks to some very special people 🙂  ]

Conclusion : Learning keeps your mind off stupid things that occupy it during your idle time. Wise investment, I say!

3. NOT –be kind anymore

One of the major reasons why unhappiness prevails in my life, is the acute kindness that people are bestowed with when they manage to dilute my joy.

(Reminds me of a song which had these lyrics..

When the see-saw snaps and splinters your hand don’t come crying to me

I’ll only see your good side..” )

So this year, (specifically) I will tell people what I exactly think of them.  Unlike these people, the ones who know me well will know when, how and why A loses it.

I promise I would not grow immodest though. And that unlike giving one a piece of my mind, I will simply not react. Ignorance is bliss. Especially for the one ignoring. 😉

2. NOT – Hesitate anymore!

The key to being me was to observe more than talk.. And when talk, never let the other person feel awkward, let down or let alone anywhere even get a hint that you are in doubt, in disagreement or for that matter even angry.  But what is the point?  You don’t say what you think and you get badgered (ohh and the way people find fault, it seems they are competing for some sorta award.. you lied, you hide things.. don’t be so secretive, tell me everything.. hahaha).. Instead say what you think or believe, stand by it. If the other person, doesn’t have the guts to hear the truth, it is none of my concern. What is the point of being submissive when you know you ain’t going to get anywhere close to being in the good books? Hate and be hated, rather than trying to be good to people to avoid unnecessary hassles .

And my number one NTD this year would be :

1. NOT – Hold On!

To people I mean.Hobbes  used to tell me when his marriage was broken, that when you let go of people faster, you learn to be better to yourself.  Ofcourse, he left when he had to as well ..

But then yeah! No baggage of lost friends, loved ones or people who ever mattered. If they didn’t know their worth, they probably didn’t mean to be around in the first place. Being good to the self only helps preserve life for better things to come our way…

Ofcourse, the cynicism wouldn’t go away, but it always makes sense to be practical and not indulge in time being spent behind people.

Karma continues, doesn’t it ?


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