The Story..

This one poem goes back a long way in time with me..It was my first blog post ever.

Here goes…

I was ready to tell the story of my life…

But the ripple of fears,

And the agony of my heart.. Wouldn’t let me..

I begin to stutter,

Saying a word here and there..

And all along I felt,

As tender as a petal..

Ready to be shattered,

In this stormy sea..

We call Life.

All the big ships come apart,

Board by board..

How can I survive?

Riding a little lonely boat?

With no oars… And no arms,

By the waves,

I finally broke Free..

As I tied myself,

To a single board..

Though the panic is gone,

I am now offended..

Why should I be so helpless?

Rising with one wave,

And falling with the next?

I dont know.

Whether I am non-existent..

While I exist,

But I know for sure..

When I am not.. I am not.


When I am not.. Then I am.


How can I be a skeptic?

About a resurrection..

And coming to life again?

Since in this world,

I have many times… Like my imaginations..

Died and been born again.

That is why..

After a long agonising life..

As a hunter,

I finally let go. And..

Got hunted and became free.

– Anonymous.


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