Prayers :)

They say when one manages to lead themselves to the dumps, one should pray. Now being the agnostic that i am, prayers in the conventional forms, do not appeal as much as relevant words (the meaning of which I understand :P). So while I was listening to my collection of music, I found this song which can be an apt prayer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to you : Higher by Creed. The thought behind the song, the lyrics and the voice all mean to appease the soul off the thoughts that bring us to the level of being humane, something which we have long forgotten .. So if you like what you read in the next few not forget to listen to the song right at the end of the post.

When dreaming I’m guided through another world

Time and time again

The world where I see everything in harmony… Where I have all the people who matter to me, with all the happiness they’ve ever wanted.. with the happy moments of the past and the present, prancing in front of me…

At sunrise I fight to stay asleep

‘Cause I don’t want to leave the comfort of this place

Dont bring me down now… Let me stay here , in this state for a while. Let me not transcend into the real world, where I can only see but not touch and be unconscious to the feeling that lies deep inside me. That of faith, which I can otherwise not restore..

‘Cause there’s a hunger, a longing to escape

From the life I live when I’m awake

I want to break the shackles of all my life I live in today. I want to escape that seething face when I reach work which eggs me on to do mistakes.. I want to give up on the talk that I make to persuade people just to help me live a day longer.. I dont want to be awake with habits, I long to live far away .. In oblivion..

So let’s go there

Let’s make our escape

Come on, let’s go there

Let’s ask can we stay?

So let me go there… Let me make that escape. Let me be where I want.. For once.. Let my exasperation to hear me out reach you.. Let me please stay.. Just once 🙂

Can you take me higher?

To the place where blind men see

Can you take me higher?

To the place with golden streets

My capacity is only such that I reach some part of you.. Can you take me higher..To the place where I find peace…Where I see harmony.. Where I see pure indulgence.. In each other.. Where I see no distinction, between a blind man and me.. Take me to a place higher, where I see no poverty, no proof of material longings, no evidence of pain and no scathe on humanity…

Although I would like our world to change

It helps me to appreciate

Those nights and those dreams

This is where most of my world agrees with me.. I want my world to change, not for me alone.. But then this world is my only window to appreciate the dream of seeing it change someday… It harnesses my energy to appreciate the good (however little of it) that I do everyday… It makes these thoughts valuable enough to ink them here...

But, my friend, I’d sacrifice all those nights

If I could make the Earth and my dreams the same

If I can only realise these dreams, I would not feel the need to feel inconsequential.. Will not want to escape.. Would want to live here and work on everything to make this.. everything that I ever wanted to be..

The only difference is

To let love replace all our hate

So let’s go there

The only way I can do this is by letting go.. Of all the hate that they built in me.. By replacing everything sad, with everything happy.. By not sulking that it didnt happen.. By being at peace, that someone or something, had the power to move me.. By loving everything that happened so far.. and anticipating everything  good will happen later as well.. I am getting my answer to my exasperation of survival.. I am getting there…

Up high I feel like I’m alive for the very first time

Up high I’m strong enough to take these dreams

And make them mine

And atlast, when I realise my answers through this prayer of mine, I feel alive. I feel you have heard me and enlightened me. My life has been renewed. My exasperation has been mellowed.. I am now at peace…

Did you find your prayer yet?

Creed – Higher



2 Comments on “Prayers :)

    • I’m steppin’ around in the desert of joy
      Baby anyhow I’ll get another toy
      And everything will happen and you wonder

      .. Yes! Absolutely.. That is where the power to overcome comes from 🙂 Cheers mate.

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