C: Patrick Swayze

I was merely 6 years old when Cable TV was first introduced in India. Until then, Doordarshan (DD1 which strangely catered to the “agricultural” needs of the “service class in the cities”  rather than focussing on the farmers and DD2- Metro for pure entertainment) ruled the roost. A set of new TV channels were aired in a year’s time and soon with the benefit of living with a brother in teens, Music Television (TV) came into my life.

Although, the first sight of a music video was Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden (which made me cry since they burnt Barbie Dolls on a barbeque!); the first music video was “I’ve had the time of my life”- Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes, from the Dirty Dancing OST. I never understood why was a movie named “Dirty Dancing” [:P]… but what really caught my eye then was this lean, handsome man doing the SALSA with this beautiful woman and that too Well!

The movie was a taboo at my place as it contained some “explicit” scenes which pre-teens and teenagers were not allowed to watch. What accompanied the taboo, were the occasional awkward moments of switching channels whenever a “kiss/love making” scene was aired. Years later, when Ghost and the very famous Unchained Melody were released did I know that the extremely handsome man was none other than Patrick Swayze.

Mr. Swayze had the charipatrick-swayzesma to woo a woman the way they normally would want to be wooed; both in professional as well as personal life. Whether it is an aggressive dancer in Dirty Dancing or the ultra romantic husband in Ghost, the man only grew higher in his strike rate with women in terms of enormous popularity and fame. In fact, my very own idea of a first date in my teens, was an evening spent in passionate dancing in a suburban joint in Cuba!

The movies which were released later were only a showcase of the tremendous talent that he possessed in all spheres of acting. Dirty Dancing 2 (Havana Nights) needs a special mention as he managed to still cause a skip in my heartbeat in his ageing yet subtle-n-stylish SALSA teacher demeanour which was uber and sexy at the same time.



Until pancreatic cancer struck.


It saddened me to read juicy gossip out of a dying man’s life to satiate the needs of the readers and make money out of someone’s receding hairline or increasing weight. But then, it is a part of a celebrity’s life, I guess.

All in all, for the man who managed to be my first secret crush, Patrick Swayze, you really upped my taste in men.

Peace, Mr. Swayze.


“He’s like the wind through my tree

He rides the night next to me

He leads me through moonlight

Only to burn me with the sun

He’s taken our hearts

But he doesn’t know what he’s done…. “


You wanna know what I’m talking bout??  Click here


2 Comments on “C: Patrick Swayze

  1. Hehe… nicely written about Mr. Swayze… i still remember the switching off of the TV or the changing of channels (as if there were too many to choose from)… but then my folks never understood that I was way too old than the kid they thought me to be…. 😛

  2. Lol…honest expressions..n confession – – At ma place, forget kissin/luv makin scenes, hindi movies mein rape or evn an attempt by the likes or gulshan or sadashiv…condoms n whisper advts – the tv was literally switched off for 2 to 3 mins. after a while it was so customary that even i would understand the initial few seconds to know wats gonna be aired and turn off the tv on my own. now do i know the reason for being sex illiterate for a longer duration :p

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