The Ugly Truth

So I watched the movie. But apart from Gerard Butler’s “corny” yet “weirdly cute” references to men’s sexual behaviours, there are a whole set of other truths that are absolutely UGLY! Here are some of mine : (And no, I aint preparin for Sach ka Saamna)

1. I hate waking up in the mornings. Half my frustrations at work are due to the very fact that office hours even on a Monday continue to begin at 9.30 am.

2. Tuesday is the worst day of my week. Why? Cos Monday goes by in a hurry and in anticipation that if this passes through, I will be able to pull through. Tuesdays are just long and never ending as all the urgent work is already complete on a Monday.

3. I love watching people. Irrespective of location, size or circumstance. I just caught an ugly look from a couple for staring at them while they were smooching on Marine Drive. I was not thinking happy then though.. The thought disturbs me now. :-S

4. I have an open and flexible mind. That is where most people (esp women) find me threatening.

5. I hate wannabes. There was a certain someone at my workplace who used to smoke cos she thought it was cool (and then she smoked the cigarette as if she were holding a straw to suck some cold drink out of the bottle). Then she said, she liked tattoos and then backed out of getting one, cos she thought it is the rainy season and she would get infected by needles. As if. 😛
(If you are reading this, you are nothing but a piece of JACKSHIT, trying to pose like an INTELLECTUAL 🙂 )

6. I fell in love thrice. Ah come on, not that bad for a 24-year-old.

7. I secretly fantasize bout having a great hot body and carrying everything off with ease, while I portray otherwise in real life.

8. I am narcissistic in most of my conversations. Please note the “I” at the beginning of every pointer 🙂

9. Which makes me mention, I am NOT a control freak. But I like to have the last word 😛

10. I smirk. A lot. Cos it bugs me to see people pretending. Why is it just so difficult to say what you want to? Beats me.

11. I did fall for a colleague at work once. He turned out to be a bummer though. Obviously, I didnt account for it in my Truth no. 6

12. I have had embarrassing moments, when I thought maybe the person I am dating, shouldnt be with me. Yup, I do suffer from a split personality which also has a low self esteem.

13. I dont remember the names of the books I read all the time. I just type in the story or character names on Google once in a while to recommend it to a friend.

14. I love hugging people. It relieves me of all the worries in life.

15. I do lose interest in things when too many people tend to like it at the same time. That is why I refrained from doin an MBA post graduating.

16. I am a proud music lover. I have the best retro collection anyone could ever have.

17. My favourite movie is  The Road to Perdition. I do not like The Godfather cos of no.15 now.

18. I like small cars. They are compact and easy to manoeuvre unlike huge cars.

19. I secretly wish to live in an apartment by the hillock, have a pet dog and a table on which i can sit and write whenever I can.

20. It is hard for me to believe in the word SORRY. I think it is impossible to stab a person and then ask for forgiveness to bring him back to life.

21. I do believe in One Night Stands. Nothing really interesting bout it. Sex in India is over rated anyway. Not to mention the hypocrisy behind pre marital virginity.

22. I take more interest in male friends than females. Too much bitching happens in the company of women. Nothing against it though 😛

23. I am faithful to the tee. Cant overlook human emotions quickly.

24. I like making people happy. Even if it means lying to them.

25. It did pain me when I tattooed myself.  It was more like a sting than anything else.

26.  I love it when people I take interest in, open up to me. It means much more to me than “friendship”, love, monogamy or anything else.

27. I have an indispensable liking for tea in the mornings. Even if it leads me to acidity for the whole damn day.

28. I do believe that forgiveness is truly the key to unhappiness. People who do not forgive have more chances of moving on from past experiences than people like me.

29. I love different types of bags. Umm, not to forget, shoes, clothes, accessories and socks!

30. I despise E-books. The old charm of books can be only sought from a HARD BACK.

31. I miss people who I had once forced to leave. These people were the ones who showed me reality bang on my face. I miss them everyday and pray that they forgive me for being rude to them.

32.  Time and time again, I wake up with a feeling that I may have to spend a major chunk of my life alone. Then I realise, that everyone is indefinitely alone in one way or the other.

33. I am a hypocrite. Things which are otherwise wrong, look ok to me when I do them.

34. I cry. A lot sometimes. Out of no reason.

35. I sometimes wish, I could change the way my parents shaped their outlook toward me. I really wish.

36. I do like watching Pornography once in a while. It humours me to find someone faking emotions so well to fool the mind into thinking that the body is the supreme source of joy we have in our lives.

37. Alcohol, drugs and nicotine addictions do not define a man’s character.  Many a righteous men have had such addictions.

38. I do not believe in social obligations. The same society absorbs both virtues and rapes according to convenience.

39. I believe in acquiring Material pleasures. Afterall, that defines me spending most of my day in a lifeless cubicle looking at nonsense reports anyway.

40. I think too much, make my assumptions and rebuke people at my own free will. Why? That is how I have been bred since puberty struck me.

41. I hate my name. Anonymous is not something I would want to be known as . Forever.

42. I dont believe in keeping my family unaware of what I am up to. Good, bad or ugly.

43. I take revenge. By subtle manipulation.

44. Not putting my preferences in danger, I can confidently praise a woman of her beauty, irrespective of whoever I am with.

45. I have often lied to people about street wear being tagged as brand wear. (Not that I dont do it even now )

46. I love some people. Just that they would never get to see that side of me. Why? Cos I am too afraid to risk another heartache. I secretly wish they would know what I mean. Sometime. Atleast.

47. I like darkness. Its mystique and alarming danger is something of deep interest for me.

48. I wish I was dead and reborn.

49. Pen ultimately, I do wish for the perfect guy and end up getting hurt most of the times.

50. Lastly, off all the things, my innermost fear is that someday someone would come unto me and show me my mirror of ugly truths. One reason for being aloof, is also this. 🙂

Thats bout it, folks 🙂


9 Comments on “The Ugly Truth

  1. heyy this is sooo good!!! you just made to the list of blogs I read regularly [:)] i’m trully impressed!

  2. hmmm. naice movie and naaicer interpretation. seem you saw it at a memorable place with someone who can make u happy!! when is the next coming out – jim and joint..???

  3. nice one… like it… as regards the fine line between narcissism and being egoistic… hehe… all i’ll say is that… In life, there comes a time when all men must stand up for themselves and fight…

    • true aditya.. there isnt a specific time though, according to me.. situations demand both egos and narcissism.

  4. Wow !!! u can really write .. m impressed, like specially point No 39 and 40 n not to miss point no 5 😉

  5. “I” does not relate to narcissism, it rather hints at ego and “I” think its not bad to have some. keep writing!

    • Haha.. Not quite sure, as i think there is a very fine line between being egoistic and narcissistic… and “I” think “I” have crossed that line 🙂

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