Short Lived Realms…

Long walks by the sea
Thoughtless conversations
Hot cup of tea at 0500 hrs with the watchman of the building
Staying awake all night talking on the phone about future plans
Break up on grounds of deception and betrayal
Finding love in the middle of mental tumult
Overwhelmed by emotions for people who appeared strangers initially
Smile unassumingly at rude people and in turn feeling happy about a shitty day
Thinking about the good days coming up
Feeling sad on understanding that there would be no one to share the good days with
Awkward conversations with best friends
Travelling to a far off land every six months
Being hugged every half an hour of the day
Look outside the window and watch kids play by the broken water pipe
Colours of Holi
Building castles in the sand and in the air
Day dreaming

Some more Travelling…

Search for that glint of joy in the eyes of a human close by..
Thoughts  of becoming a full-time writer in the middle of work


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